News | 5000 Series

Stereonet UK: We were told that the №5302, as well as the rest of the range, have to survive Mark Levinson's own, in-house durability tests known as HALT testing (Highly-Accelerated Life Testing).

"Mark Levinson announces its №5302 amplifier and №5206 pre-amplifier flagships along with a new turntable and streaming SACD player.

Mark Levinson's 5000 range has seen the recently-introduced №5105 turntable, the teased №5101 streaming CD player and №5206 pre-amplifier officially join its 'affordable' line along with the powerful-looking №5302 amplifier."




HARMAN’s Mark Levinson today introduced a remarkable new preamplifier and amplifier and showcased two now-shipping source players in a substantial expansion of the 5000 Series range.


Sound & Vision: The № 5105 is beautiful to behold and will be a statement piece that commands the attention of any room lucky enough have it, even before the needle drops.