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Automobile: Mark Levinson sound system

A full day of holiday travel and endless miscommunication, mix-ups, and general SNAFUs all the way from Los Angeles to my familial home in Dallas, and the rear hatch of my fresh-from-the-wrapper 2020 Lexus GX460 wouldn't budge. I heard something unlock in the hatch area when I used the key fob, but the liftgate remained an unyielding bulwark. My phone's harsh white LED flashlight failed to uncover a door handle, button, pad - anything - to open the door manually. I swallowed my pride somewhere around the third top-to-bottom canvass of the GX interior and called my close friend who is a bit of an expert on the breed. My profanity-laced question was met with immediate laughter: "It's a side-opening door. It swings out!"




The Weekly Driver: it full-tilt with the Navigation/Mark Levinson Premium Audio Package. It’s not only an integrated sound system, but the stereo is among the industry’s best.


Automoblog: With its 1,800 watts of symphony- blasting power, the world seems like a much nicer place as you drive along. The Mark Levinson system is one of the best-sounding of any luxury car today.